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Do you have friends or family members that have just about everything? It certainly makes buying presents that much harder!

Why not take a look at the Lort Smith merchandise. 

You can purchase items for your furry friends, human friends, or a selfless gift such as a gift card.

By purchasing a gift card you will be making a donation to Lort Smith on behalf of the recipient. You will receive a cute card that you can give to them along with the warm and fuzzy feelings of helping animals in desperate need.

All money raised from the sale of our shop items go towards helping animals at Lort Smith Animal Hospital and Shelter.

If you would like to purchase any items via phone, please call (03) 9321 7207.

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Christmas cards featuring Lort Smith Adoption Centre dogs....
Donation gift card - $50 to support Lort Smith's work
Celebrating our Backyard Heroes, this beautifully curated...

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